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youngnhavingfun's Journal

Fed*Up Community
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All Members , Moderated

like Fed*Up? then this is the community for you! post anything you'd like. [while staying somewhat along the topic of the band] post your show reviews, upcomming shows [fed*up and other like bands], your artwork - be it drawings, graphics, etc, post your show photos too! i don't know about anybody else but i love looking at show photos!

and of course there's gotta be a few rules

  • play nice with others
  • no "ohmigod i love [insert band memeber's name here] so much! ThEy'Re SoOo HoTt!!!"
  • when posting photos, please use LJ cuts. if you don't know how to, go here.
  • no pimping communities or sites that have nothing to do with Fed*Up and/or Kansas City music.
  • and last but not least, please no livejournal drama! it's the internet kids!

Fed*Up is:
matt gulldy: drums
justin mayhugh: bass
dustinn lowry: guitar, vocals

Maintained By: _imnotyourstar_